A Bit About Me Behind The Lens

Who am I? I'm Sarah a 20 something year old London based photographer, I've been taking photos for 9 years and love to capture candid moments. Beauty can be seen in anything, I use photography as a tool for this. Anything can become a subject and made interesting and this is something I love to convey with my photos. It's about capturing a moment that you can never get back.

A Bit More....

I first started to take an interest in photography when I was 15 and was sent on work experience at a studio, which was an eye opening experience into the world of photography . This combined with my creative nature sparked my love for it.  My photos range from portraits to events to street photography. Something for everyone no matter your taste (I hope). I have various experience assisting, having done so on various shoots for magazines and online publications. As well as this I am also a keen writer and just enjoy creating as a whole.

Don't be afraid to get in contact to ask any questions you may have or for pricing and packages. You can also find me on social media and chat there on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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